Monument Valley and Antelope Slot Canyon

Dramatic Vistas, Dazzling Colors, Rich Culture


Travel to the central border of Arizona and Utah to one of the most stunning recreational areas in the country, Page. It is extremely scenic, with tall canyons, red-rock formations and sand dunes. Marvel at the beauty of the slot canyons as you walk with a Navajo guide in Antelope Canyon. See and photograph dramatic vistas of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. In Lake Powell, a guided boat tour highlights one of the most breathtaking and tranquil places on earth. This is a great opportunity to see the narrow, colorful, and sculpted geology of the canyon walls up-close, all the while learning about the history of this fascinating region.

Page stands on top of a mesa overlooking the lake at the center of the world-renowned Grand Circle – a remarkable collection of parks, monuments, historical sites, and prehistoric Indian ruins. Page is surrounded by geological formations that are iconic in the American West. Hollywood has long known of the wonders of Page, filming such features here as “Broken Arrow” and “Into the Wild”. Located beside Navajo Tribal lands, Page is rich in geographic, cultural, and historic marvels to explore.

Lake Powell was formed when the Glen Canyon Dam was flooded, drowning literally hundreds of canyons. The Glen Canyon Dam is a vital link in the Colorado River Storage Project, which is a series of dams and reservoirs along the Colorado River. These dams and their reservoirs work together to provide water, electricity, flood control, and recreation to millions of people. Glen Canyon Dam, built between 1956 and 1966, stands 710′ from bedrock and holds back an amazing 26,215,000 acre-feet of water, or 9,000,000,000,000 gallons, when Lake Powell is full.

Antelope Canyon is one of the most breathtaking and tranquil places to visit. Gently carved from the Navajo sandstone over the course of millions of years, the slot canyons are truly magnificent. Twisting narrow slots with just enough space for a small group to walk the sandy floor – and an occasional brilliant shaft of sunlight from above. The views in Lower Antelope Canyon change constantly as the sun moves across the sky, filtering lights softly across the stone walls. These ever-moving sun angles bounce light back and forth across the narrow canyon’s walls, creating a dazzling display of color, light, and shadow. The hidden “slots” are carved from layers of swirling sandstones by seasonal streams that wear away the sandstone grain by grain, forming beautiful and graceful curves in the rock, so narrow in spots that you can easily stretch out your arms and touch both sides.

Day 1
 ~ Travel to Sedona and ride the Red Rock Magic Trolley tour.  Sedona, strategically situated at the mouth of spectacular Oak Creek Canyon, is universally known as a unique place. Characterized by massive red-rock formations, as well as the contrasting riparian areas of Oak Creek Canyon, the area surrounding this beloved community is considered at least as beautiful as many national parks.

Red Rock Magic Trolley tours are an easy and fun way to see a whole lot of Sedona. They are a great introduction to the beauty, culture, and sights of this breathtaking and magical town. You will be entertained and informed by fun and knowledgeable guides. They’ll tell you all about Sedona, share some stories, and point out all the sights. They enjoy answering your questions, and they may crack a few jokes, too.  Late in the day arrive at Cameron Trading Post for an overnight stay. Built in 1916 it has become a show place of Native America Art, so be sure to visit the gallery and gift shop. Try their signature dish, a Navajo taco. Finish with a short walk to view the suspension bridge spanning the Little Colorado River Gorge. Each room has the theme of an Indian hotel with hand-carved furnishings in historic Southwestern décor.  Room amenities include cable television, wireless Internet, and coffee maker.

Day 2 – Explore Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park up close and personal with a Navajo guide during your jeep tour in the valley. Experiencing one of the most majestic, and most photographed, points on earth. This great valley boasts sandstone masterpieces that tower at heights of 400 to 1,000 feet, framed by scenic clouds casting shadows that graciously roam the desert floor. The angle of the sun accents these graceful formations, providing scenery that is simply spellbinding. The landscape overwhelms, not just by its beauty but also by its size. The fragile pinnacles of rock are surrounded by miles of mesas and buttes, shrubs, trees and windblown sand, all comprising the magnificent colors of the valley.   Later visit and tour Glen Canyon Dam.  Accommodations for two nights are at Lake Powell Resort. Set along the shores of alluring Lake Powell, resort amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi internet service in lobby, fitness center, lounge and restaurant. Rooms are equipped with coffee makers, complimentary tea and coffee, mini refrigerator, hair dryer, HD TV.

Day 3 ~ Today enjoy a senior-friendly 4-wheel drive truck and walking tour of Antelope Canyon, guided by a local Navajo expert. Later on tour Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon Dam by boat. This is an up-close opportunity to view the narrow, colorful, and sculpted geology of the lower end of Lake Powell. This high-walled Navajo Sandstone side-arm of Lake Powell is famous not only for its coloration and slot canyons. The Navajo Sandstone walls squeeze closer and closer together as the boat goes deeper into the canyon – to the point you feel like you could reach out and touch the towering walls. Water, coffee, and lemonade are available on the cruise. You may bring food and drink on board with you.

Day 4 ~ Today we start working our way back to southern Arizona, with rest breaks and meal stops along the way. Arrive back to Yuma in the early evening.

This is a Moderate Activity Level tour. The itinerary includes numerous departures from the motorcoach, walking tours and steps. Persons of limited mobility should consider the appropriateness of this tour in relation to their physical abilities.   Sequence of tours in Antelope Canyon/Lake Powell may be altered. Meals are not included. You are welcome to pack snacks and beverages to off-set the cost of restaurant meals. Small coolers can be accommodated. Plan you travel wardrobe carefully. You will want warm clothing, as the average temperature in Page is 58 degrees this time of year.


6:30 AM depart Yuma
7:00 AM depart Foothills
Anticipated return time final day 7:00 – 7:30 PM

$659 pp/do … Escorted tour includes deluxe motorcoach transportation with professional driver, 1 night accommodation at the Cameron Trading Post, 2 nights at Lake Powell Resort, guided Antelope Canyon 4-wheel drive truck tour, guided Monument Valley 4-wheel drive truck tour, narrated Lake Powell boat cruise, narrated trolley tour in Sedona. $849 single


March 3-6, 2020      Tuesday – Friday



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