Tour FAQ’s

What if my group wants the bus to come to our location for a pick-up?

If your group is 10 passengers or more and you are within the scheduled areas, then we will be happy to provide you a group pick-up. Some locations will require 20 passengers, at the discretion of the tour manager.

But we live in a completely different area?

If you live directly along the route of a scheduled departure, let’s say El Centro, CA and you wish to join a Yuma departure going to San Diego, then that is easily accomplished.

What if our group is out of the way?

Then you will be referred to our Special Group Department and other choices will be presented to you.

My group has an idea for a trip but Tour West America does not offer it as a scheduled trip. What can you do?

Terrific! We love to customize itineraries for groups. Many times these ideas later become scheduled trips. Special Groups will assist you with all the planning including itineraries, flyers, and even a private presentation to your group.

Will the tour itinerary be different than what the brochures and website advertise?

Normally there will be no changes. What you read is what you get. Occasionally, due to circumstances such as weather or traffic, the arrival times may be earlier or later. We reserve the right to alter the sequence of activities or change accommodations to a comparable property.

Do you assign bus seats?

Seats are assigned when you make your reservation. Please mention any special request at that time. If you wish to be seated with other passengers, try to make your reservations at the same time, or within a few hours of one another. On trips of five or more days in duration, seating will be rotated once a day. Your tour director will explain the process.

May I make special requests regarding my hotel room?

If you have special requests regarding your accommodations, please mention these when you make your reservation. We will forward these requests to the hotel. There is however, no guarantee that the hotel will be able to accommodate all requests. The sooner you submit the request, the more likely it will be met. The hotel makes room allocation decisions. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your room, please see the hotel desk.

How often do you stop the bus?

For your convenience rest stops are made every 2-3 hours for a meal, snack, or just a leg stretch.

May we bring a cooler?

You are welcome to bring a small hard sided cooler with you for your convenience.

May I have a beer on the bus?

For the comfort of all passengers consumption of alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted onboard.

What does the term no host mean?

We use the term “no host” to indicate meals or attractions that are not included in the tour price. In other words, you will pay for these directly.

What is the dress code when on a bus tour?

Always dress comfortably and casually. Remember you are on vacation! Wear shoes fit for the task. Comfortable walking shoes are always a sensible choice. Dress in layers if you are heading for the high country or near the ocean. Bringing jacket or sweater is never the wrong choice. We will advise you in the trip brochure if anything different is recommended.

Am I physically capable of participating in this tour?

If you have concerns that the tour may be too physically demanding for you, please discuss these concerns with a reservationist. Some tours may not be suitable because they require more walking and/or standing that you are able to do. If you use a walker, cane or crutches, the terrain may be too uneven. Please note that you may not normally remain on the bus if you choose to opt out of an activity. Federal regulations do not allow the driver to leave the bus with unattended passengers on board, and the driver may need this time to attend to his/her own personal needs or perform tour-related responsibilities away from the bus.

Tours are designated with an activity level (leisurely, moderate or active) to assist you in determining whether or not the itinerary is appropriate for your mobility.

Scents and Perfumes:

For the comfort of your fellow travelers, avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes and after shaves. Many people have adverse reactions to scents, especially in enclosed spaces.

What else should we bring?

Cameras are great but may not be welcome in certain indoor venues. Always remember your meds. Back up prescriptions too, if your meds are vital. Bring whatever will make you comfortable for the trip, perhaps a pillow if the trip is long, or a favorite book or magazine. Not all coaches are equipped with foot rests. If you are short, bring a small collapsible stool or other object to place under your feet. A blanket or jacket will keep you warm if you find the bus cool — your internal thermometer may differ from the others. You may wish to bring water and snacks. We often make comfort stops at fast food restaurants and travel centers, so if this type of food is not to your liking, feel free to pack your own.

Is there entertainment on the bus?

A DVD is often played during the return (after dark) portion of the trip. However this is not a given. Not all buses are equipped with DVD players. Many passengers bring reading materials, personal music players with earphones, craft projects, puzzles and games to occupy themselves during long drives, and especially on driver-guided tours.

What about tipping?

The gratuity for our driver and/or escort is not included in the pricing: $3 to $5 per tour day EACH for the driver and escort is customary for a job well done. When purchasing meals tip as you normally would. Meals included in the tour will have the gratuity included.

What about luggage for overnight trips?

Hotel baggage handling is not always included. You may have to carry your own bags to your room. We suggest you pack lightly and use a rolling suitcase.

Read our news article “How to pack for your multi-day motorcoach tour” for tips.

Where do I meet the bus for pick-up?

In Yuma

Tour West America Office: 333 Main Street. Enter from Maiden Lane, the street behind the office, parallel to Main. Park in spaces east of the sidewalk, close to Maiden Lane.

Foothills: O’Reillys: 11274 S Fortuna Rd. Park in the MAIN parking lot behind O’Reilly Auto Parts and Pioneer Express Lube.

In Apache Junction

$0.99 Store: 3003 W Apache Trail Meridian & Apache Trail Park close to the .99 Sign.

In Mesa

Village Inn: 6813 E Main, Mesa Corner of Power & Main

Tour West America Office: 4442 E University Dr, east of Greenfield

In West Valley

Litchfield Road Denny’s: 1218 N Litchfield Rd, Goodyear, AZ 85338

For selected tours, we offer pick-ups in Sun City and Sun City West.