Here at Tour West America, we take safety seriously. We understand the precious cargo we’re transporting. We don’t take your decision to choose us lightly. We can boast the highest safety rating from both the Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Defense. We achieved this success by enforcing strict safety rules and regulations.

One of the many ways we keep you safe is through our Safety Supervisor, David Kaiser, pictured above. David provides our drivers with many safety tools, such as regular, required safety meetings and annual ride-alongs. Our drivers, upon hire, are put through 80 hours of training to insure that they understand what Tour West America expects of our team. These tools keep our drivers focused on what matters most, keeping our customers safe.

Additionally, we have four Driver Safety Team Leaders, Mike Hills (also pictured above), Paul Geise, Paul Bickett, and Jeff Kersh. They are responsible for insuring that those in their team are following TWA’s strict safety standards. We have the pleasure of having our own maintenance team, which is run by David Dunn, who has given TWA his expertise for eight years. Having our own maintenance team allows us to make sure that our coaches are up to our very high standards.

Head over to the websites of Saucon and DriveCam®, our on board safety systems. We use these systems to monitor our drivers driving habits and keep any poor driving habits in check.

As you can see, keeping our passengers safe is the number one priority at Tour West America. We will continue to strive for the excellence you expect from us, and we look forward to assisting you in your next adventure!