Tour West America is proud to announce the addition of two Temsa TS 35’s to our fleet. These 40 passenger coaches are perfect for smaller groups, their shorter length allows for better maneuverability and comfort, and they’re built to allow you to enjoy your adventures safely and comfortably. Here is a brief introduction to what our Temsas have to offer you:

Safety: CH Bus Sales states, “The TS 35 has a stainless steel integral monocoque design for extra durability and safety. [It is] stringently tested to ensure the highest standards.” At Tour West America, safety is in the forefront, and we’re please to add the Temsas to our fleet.

Comfort: CH Bus Sales states, “This mid-size coach offers a luxurious and spacious interior for passengers, driver and guide. Its integral construction ensures a smooth and stable ride while its tremendous maneuverability will help you access remote places.” And we at Tour West America know this to be true! Drivers, passengers, and tour guides alike are blown away by the comfort offered by our 40 passenger Temsas.

Convenience: The Temsa is bursting with everything you need to make your trip seamless and enjoyable. There are wide screen monitors visible from each seat so your group can enjoy a movie on board. Prefer a CD or your favorite playlist on your MP3 player? It can be broadcasted throughout the coach. Mobil devise running out of juice? No worries. The Temsa has plugins at each seat.

In short, we couldn’t be more pleased to add the Temsa to our fleet. If you’d like to learn more about what makes this coach perfect for your groups, please visit CH Bus Sales’ website or our Fleet Page for pictures.