Go Green

Leave a smaller footprint.

When it comes to going green, we’re on board.

How big is your footprint? We’re not talking about the impressions you leave while walking down a sandy beach. We’re talking about your ecological footprint and it’s more important than you might think. Your eco footprint measures your demand on natural resources.

What does this have to do with motorcoaches? Glad you asked. Transportation, particularly ground travel, is where most travelers have the biggest environmental impact. Coach travel offers an immediate alternative for those seeking to reduce their energy use and carbon footprints. The car you drive and the fuel you fill it up with contributes to how large your footprint is. Motorcoaches, as you can imagine, use a lot more fuel than your average mid-sized sedan. You’d think that would be a negative, but actually, it’s not. Environmentally friendly by nature, motorcoaches use significantly less fuel per passenger, as they are able to displace up to 56 cars from the road ultimately reducing emissions and traffic congestion.

Not getting it? Let’s say that you drive (alone) from A to B and use 20 gallons of fuel. A coach makes the same trip, with 56 people on board, and uses 280 gallons of fuel. You’ve used 20 gallons of fuel; each person on board the coach has used only 5 gallons of fuel.

Who has the smaller footprint?

So… where’s all this leading? It’s simple, really. Motorcoaches are going where you want to go – across the country, across the city, to the theater, the airport, the historical landmark, the hotel, the office and you’re helping to save the planet – making our planet much more, well, green!

  • One motorcoach removes 56 cars from the road!
  • Drivers are well-trained and adhere to appropriate driving standards to conserve fuel.
  • Our coaches feature components to help us minimize fuel consumption, including the Smartire tire pressure monitoring system.
  • We subscribe to our tire manufacturers recycling program.

Powered by Clean-diesel Technology

Today’s new motorcoach models are vastly greener than their predecessors. The EPA mandated new diesel-engine technology designed to drastically reduce polluting particulate matter (black smoke) by 90 percent and reduce Nitrogen oxides by 82 percent. The new Cummins engine and Allison transmission package on the J4500 meets 2010 EPA standards that mandate near-zero Nitrogen oxide and particulate-matter emissions.

In addition to our new clean-diesel equipment we’re doing our part to conserve energy in other areas:

  • We recycle all fluids and have a stringent maintenance program in place that keeps our fleet in top shape for better fuel efficiency.
  • Our office lighting has been retrofitted to use high efficiency bulbs.
  • All metals, cardboards, paper and plastics are separated and sent to local recyclers.

Taking a green approach to travel is an easy and essential way to protect the places you love to visit, not just for yourself but for the travelers who will come after you.