The whole movie is this hilarious, sentimental tug-of-war between moving on and not wanting life to change. It also does a really good job of capturing one thing: wanting your wedding day to be just perfect, down to every detail and piece.

When you’re pondering on your upcoming wedding, what comes to mind? What information have you imagined for years that you want to be completely perfect?

Is it the invitations, because that’s what you’re dispatching to all of your family and friends? This entails finding a fantastic photographer and sifting through all the photos to find a favorite. Then, there’s the whole business of choosing a printer, picking out colors and papers, and getting the format just how you want it.

Is it the dress you’ll use down the aisle? Not only do you want to be beautiful on your big day, you want it to be something that is so you– every element of the gown highlighting your style. Plus, it’s going to be seen forever in photographs, so you want it to be something you love.

Do you have a certain flower that you’ve loved your entire life, and it’s the one you want to be the spotlight of your bridal bouquet (and the center of each table spray, too)? Nothing says celebrations quite like flowers, and this might be something you feel pretty specific about and we can’t condemn you.

Picking out a reception venue might be on the top of that list for you. Maybe you want to have the reception at the same place that your cousin had hers, because you fell in love with it and have had your mind made up on that for years. Or, maybe it’s as practical as hosting it in the yard you grew up in, keeping it simple by welcoming just a few close friends and family.

Your honeymoon location may be something you’ve had squared away for a long time, or it may be something you end up planning together. Either way, it’s sure to be an important detail because it’s the first trip you’re taking as a man and wife and it marks the beginning of your life together.

What is that saying we’ve all heard, that a picture is worth a thousand words? This is particularly true when it comes to important events. Having a good photographer at your wedding will be something you’ll be glad you didn’t skimp on later. It may be that you love your friend’s work and you’re adamant about having that person capture the day.

Whatever it is … it’s important that the day comes together the manner in which you want it to. And actually, let’s be honest … you probably want all of these specifics to come together to make for one stunning, memorable day. And when you’re trying to plan everything out, don’t forget that event transportation is our specialty. Sometimes it’s great to have a way to move the whole wedding party together from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception, and we can do that without a problem. While you take care of making the rest of your day perfect, let us make sure the transportation is top notch, too!