Our Culture

Reliable Transportation, Outstanding Service

Look closely at a company and you see the people who make it all happen. Look closely at the people and you see the company’s heart.

A common theme appears as you walk through our facility. You see photos of children, family and beloved pets, as well as the many thank you letters from clients, awards, and plaques of volunteer appreciation. To say the least, we employ some incredible people.

Some care for elderly family members, assist a neighbor in need, or “walk for the cure”. Our distinctive “Horse Head” logo came about due to BJ Brooks, President and Owner, desire to help horses in need and honor the great horses of the west. After all, at one time transportation relied on horses.

A few of the organizations we assist.

The Salt River wild horses are the historic and majestic creatures roaming the lower Salt River in the Tonto National Forest in Mesa, Arizona. They are the pride of the community, a favorite subject of photographers and the icon of the wild, free spirit of Arizona and the American West.