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What sets Tour West America apart as an industry leader? Reliable Transportation and Outstanding Service make us the Best.

As a prospective employee of Tour West America, you will be considered not just for your talents to perform a job such as coach operator, vehicle maintenance, sales, reservations, operations or tour guide, but more importantly for the excellent service you are expected to provide our customers. Your willingness to provide a high quality service experience to our customers must be evident for you to join our team.

Please contact us any time with your interest to join our team. Employment openings are posted below.

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Please contact Terry Sparbel, Safety & Compliance Supervisor

The following position is available at Tour West America.
Motorcoach Operator: A fun job where your office is just down the road!

Pre-Employment Qualifications: All motorcoach operator applicants must be willing to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requirements, state and local regulations, and Tour West America, Inc requirements, policies and guidelines. This includes but is not limited to:

1. A current state issued Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) class A or B with passenger and air brake endorsement.
2. Proof of legal status.
3. Possess a current DOT medical card and provide a copy of the long form examination report.
4. Furnish a current copy, not more than 30 days old, of a 39 month driver’s license record furnished by the state issuing the driver’s license.
5. Have no more than 1 moving violations and/or preventable accidents in the last 39 months. Have no suspensions for moving violations. Have no drug or alcohol convictions.
6. Be of good moral character.
7. Successfully pass an extensive background check.
8. Successfully pass an extensive driving test.
9. Be 25 years of age or older.
10. Successfully pass a pre-employment drug test and agree to a zero tolerance policy that includes random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing.
11. Have an acceptable employment record with a minimum of 1 year of verifiable experience behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.
12. Possess the necessary communication skills to perform required tasks.
13. Possess the necessary reading, writing, math, and map reading skills to perform the required tasks.
14. Be physically able to load and unload heavy suitcases from the coach baggage bays to the curb at least twice daily in quantities of up to 60 bags

Successfully complete a 40-80 hour training program.

Click here for a driver application. A resume may be submitted in addition to the application, but not as a substitution. You must include on the application all employers for all of the past 10 years that involved driving a commercial vehicle. Explain any gaps in employment. Any incomplete applications will be rejected.

Completed Motorcoach Operator applications can be sent to:

Terry Sparbel, Safety & Compliance Supervisor
Tour West America, Inc.
4256 E Elwood Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Fax: (480) 237-8893

When planning an interview you must have items 1, 2, 3 and 4 above in addition to a complete application. Thank you for considering our company!