Your Safety is our #1 Concern

Safety is our #1 concern at Tour West America!

Our fleet of luxury motorcoaches travel more than a million miles a year, covering the US, northern Mexico and Canada. For more than 30 years our highly trained drivers have been transporting our passengers safely across the continent in modern, well maintained motorcoaches. Nothing in our business is more important than getting our passengers where they want to go, safely.

Our Company is prepared for the unexpected

The Tour West America team strives to provide safe, comfortable motorcoaches that are ready to transport our passengers on time 365 days a year. Our maintenance, dispatch and safety personnel work diligently together to ensure that every passenger departs on time, rides comfortably and above all, arrives at their destination safely. Each motorcoach is equipped with state of the art tracking systems to monitor location and equipment in order to provide fast, efficient service in the event of breakdown or other issues.

Vehicle maintenance is performed with passion.

Our in house Fleet Maintenance Facility is well equipped to handle the rigorous task of motorcoach maintenance and repair. Huge lifts allow our technicians to raise the vehicles six feet off the ground for access to the undercarriage and braking systems. Diagnostic equipment is used to monitor the advanced electronic safety systems now designed into vehicles.

But a maintenance facility is only as good as the people doing the work. Our technicians are highly trained professionals. Each technician receives continuous training directly from the vehicle manufacturer. Engine, transmission and component vendors provide additional instruction. Senior personnel are graduates of the respected Universal Technical Institute.

Our Ongoing Professional Training Programs

Our specialized training programs are among the best in the industry and we train all our employees to be professionals. Whether for safety or non-safety positions, all our personnel receive extensive training throughout their employment with Tour West America. All drivers complete a minimum 80 hour training course (classroom and behind the wheel) regardless of experience prior to joining our team. Drivers also receive specialized training in the maintenance shop from our head mechanic to familiarize them with the “nuts and bolts” of the motorcoach.

The maintenance and safety departments are staffed with fully trained professionals who engage in up-to-date training programs to ensure that top-quality safety procedures are consistently being implemented on our motorcoaches. Highly detailed service schedules are maintained for each of our vehicles. Few fleets have a preventive maintenance program as proactive as that of Tour West America.

The Bus and Motorcoach Operator is more than your driver, he is your proud and well trained captain.

  • Your Operator welcomes you and is ready to assist you on your motorcoach adventure. Make yourself comfortable and leave the driving and details to us.
  • Your Operator has received extensive training for safe operation of the vehicle
  • Your Operator is polite, polite, respectful and pleasant…to you, your passengers, and all the contacts along the way. Tour West America understands we are in the Service Industry.
  • Your Operator meets or exceeds the minimum DOT requirements; including a Class B Commercial Drivers License with Passenger and Air Brake Endorsement.
  • Your Operator meets all Federal requirements of medical examinations. Alcohol and drug abuse testing are strictly enforced.
  • Your Operator receives ongoing training as a routine part of their employment.
  • The performance of our drivers is continuously assessed to assure compliance with Tour West America, State and Federal policies.

Our Record Speaks for Itself

US Department of Transportation 

  • Tour West America has consistently received the highest rating offered by DOT
  • Tour West America was awarded a Satisfactory rating on 8/15/2012 following a complete inspection of our operation. Click to view.

US Department of Defense 

  • Tour West America has chosen to be a passenger carrier contracted to transport military personnel. This designation requires the rigorous and frequent inspection by the United States Department of Defense.
  • On 09/12/2013, the DOD again awarded Tour West America a #1 rating following a complete inspection of our operation. Click to view.

Routine Safety Measures Above and Beyond Requirements by USDOT Include:

  • DriveCam technology
  • Saucon Telemetry Delivery System
  • Ongoing training for all personnel
  • Internal maintenance shop
  • Internal dedicated safety department

DriveCam technology assists our safety department.

You will notice a small camera affixed to the driver’s windshield. DriveCam enables continuous driver monitoring and exception-based video capture to identify patterns of risky driving behavior as well as a comprehensive program for identifying, prioritizing and correcting the causes of poor driving – before they lead to a collision, saving lives and preventing fraudulent claims. Exceptional forces such as hard braking, swerving, collision, etc., cause the recorder to save critical seconds of audio and video footage immediately before and after the triggered event. Information is delivered daily to our safety personnel highlighting the specific behaviors and root causes.

Saucon Telemetry Delivery System

Saucon TDS incorporates today’s most effective web, wireless, and telemetry technologies into a structured tool that provides Tour West America up to the minute access to the entire fleet. Telemetry on every motorcoach receives positioning signals from GPS satellites, engine data directly from the engine, and other environmental data via sensors and is transmitted from the vehicle over a wireless network to the Saucon data center were it is securely stored. This technology allows Tour West America monitor driver behavior to ensure the safest drivers on the road and to pinpoint where your coach is in the unlikely event of a breakdown to expedite servicing the vehicle and getting you back on the road.

Insurance is required by law and always available for your review.

Lancer Insurance Company provides us with the federally mandated $5 million in vehicle liability coverage.

Visit us.

Spending a little time at a bus facility may not be your idea of fun. But know you are always welcome. Understanding what is involved in making your trip safe and successful will give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the best passenger carrier, Tour West America.

Tour West America is committed to your safety. Our Safety personnel are highly trained and experienced. All of Safety Department personnel have been behind the wheel and understand all aspects of Safety and Compliance. Our Safety Department’s only job is to ensure that every driver operates by the letter of the law and is certified to the highest standards in the industry.

Contact Graham Inns, General Manager for assistance.


What happens if a bus breaks down?

Our drivers have been trained in the steps to take in case of a breakdown or needed repair. On call managers are assigned on a 24/7 schedule to assist a group should a repair need or breakdown occur. Our motorcoach suppliers provide a 24/7 emergency call center to assist with technical problems, towing services, maintenance facilities and replacement equipment. Our membership in the American Bus Association (ABA) and the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) provide a nationwide network to enable Tour West America to replace a vehicle wherever one may be needed. Every effort will be made to ensure passengers safety, comfort and to incur the least possible impact on their itinerary.

What happens if there is an accident or emergency?

Should an accident or a physical emergency occur, contact 911 immediately. Our drivers have been trained in the steps to take in case of an accident.

What happens if there are other unforeseen issues or problems?

While every effort is made to ensure your trip goes smoothly as planned, sometimes unforeseen issues may arise. Tour West America equips each motorcoach with the Saucon TDS system allowing it to monitor and pinpoint where your coach is and to expedite servicing the vehicle and getting you back on the road. If Tour West America has made additional arrangements for you such as hotel, meal, and entertainment options, communication will be made by your Tour West America representative traveling with you or by one of our 24/7 emergency staff.

Ride with the Best!

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