Safety Regulations Are Important!

You know that well-known phrase “You don’t have to take our word for it”? Well, when it comes to security, we understand that it isn’t a joke for you. We believe that part of making that trust is by being completely transparent, letting our travelers know exactly what expectations and standards we hold ourselves to as a business.

Did you know that as a motorcoach company, we comply by FMCSA’s standards? FMCSA is an acronym for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and they are accountable for establishing federal security guidelines for commercial automobiles. We understand that when you ride with us, you are deciding to put your safety in somebody else’s (our) hands, and we wish to guarantee you that we respect what that suggests. So … you may be reading this and thinking, “That sounds fantastic, however offer me some proof. I have to understand you really walk the walk.”

And yes. We can do just that. We can provide you the supporting truths you require so you can feel positive in how we run.

For example:

Even though you’re thought about an adult at 18, all chauffeurs complying with FMCSA’s requirements have to beat least 21. As well as then, not simply anybody can leap behind the wheel of a motorcoach to get individuals from Point A to Point B. Sure, like any other vehicle, there’s a gas pedal and brake pedal. There are turning signals and windscreen wipers and various controls used in the operation of the automobile. Anyone could drive a motorcoach?


We do not put individuals behind the wheel up until they have undergone training and we feel confident that they are certified and able. As well as when that has been developed, we have continuous training for our chauffeurs so that we remain ahead of the video game.

Our motorists also have to be completely transparent about their owning record in the previous year. If there are any violations, we are going to learn about it, and this assists us work out care in our working with process.

This helps us ensure that, regardless of how “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” somebody is feeling, we put our guests’ security. Having a basic rule indicates there’s no wavering, due to the fact that it is absolutely critical that our motorists are alert, well-rested, and skilled on the job.

None of these rules that we follow are a secret. You can look them up for yourself to see how we run. If you ‘d like the full low-down, read about it here:

And, if you want to know our federal safety score, which is provided based on our maintenance record/checks, incident reports, and more, just ask! We take pride in our commitment to your safety, and we can back up what we say with proof that you can rely on!

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