How Safe To Travel By Charter Bus

Everybody is concerned about their safety while enjoying a long distance bus tour. With Yuma bus tours of Tour West America; your safety is their top most concern. Perhaps, you’ve seen a lot or even experienced poor or reckless driving among bus drivers and this experience put you in doubts about how safe to travel on a bus or motor coach.

Your safety concern is valid when it comes to commuter bus services running on the interstate highways or inter-cities commuter bus routes. However, this general outlook is not true when traveling with the Yuma charter bus. There is a big difference riding an ordinary commuter bus and riding a charter bus. Charter buses or luxury motor coaches are much safer to ride, under the following reason.

• Commuter bus drivers are usually required by their company to run their route on specified time. This usually results to over speeding that might lead to fatal road accident

• Commuter bus drivers are also usually paid on a commission basis they got paid based on a certain percentage on the total income of the bus. This will usually result to racing against other commuter bus running on the same route competing for passengers.

With a charter bus tour the main concern of the driver is the safety of his passengers, not what he will earn for the day. He will be paid in full no matter how many passengers he had on his motor coach. He will not mind much about the time and schedule; he will focus on the tour itinerary and at the pleasure of the group leader.

When you are planning to join a group tour, don’t hesitate to join. With Yuma bus tours of Tour West America, you will always be safe. Make a call and inquire on how you can join their group tour packages and several tourist destinations. Certainly, you will enjoy it.

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Jorgen Kristiansen

Dear good Tour West America
Your bus company ran 1 October to 13 October 2016 for the Danish travel company “Stjernegaard Travel”, Copenhagen. 23 Danish tourists in western USA – from Phoenix to San Francisco via national parks via Las Vegas – San Francisco and home to Denmark from Los Angeles!
Most of the 23 participants are members of a small travel club, which has existed since 1998. The Club “Boholte tours” are only formed to have so many great trips as possible!
We were so fortunate to have Bonnie Akers as a driver! AND it is for the benefit of Bonnie that we with this little greeting will say: THANK YOU for a unique work for us!
Bonnie did drive the bus so well that we ALL 23 guests got an extra good experience. There was not one singel time that we noticed the heavy traffic, the narrow roads and long distances (long compared to the small Denmark!!!).
Bonnies cooperation with our tour guide was UNIQUE. The two WOMEN did not know each other from previous trips. They quickly fell into an amazing collaboration where both sides contributed to guests we got the most out of the trip!
Add to this that Bonnie Akers was incredibly smiling to all guests and ask for “how is this an this in Denmark!
In Denmark and on trips around Europe we used to help drivers to download, bring and unload our luggage! Bonnie would have preferred even – to constantly have control over the number! BUT that was difficult especially for us “men” – NOT BE ALLOWED TO help.
Bonnie attended quite natural in our group. Told about the United States, her job, family and all the many other things that we as guests naturally have a great desire to know more about!
OUR intent of this approach is that we YOU as employer the best recommendations for a very special employee. We saw that almost all drivers and motorists are much more considerate than similar in Denmark. However, we must add that we have never encountered such a skilled, friendly and extremely diligent and accommodating staff just Bonnie Akers!
We welcomed as a travel club on the first day welcome to tour guide and the driver. AND it was with a heavy heart that we are on the penultimate day to say “see you later” to Bonnie – and praise her for an infinitely great work that we might see experience USA West in the best way anyone could have seen more than very – in a so fantastic way!!
Bonnie’s effort came in relief on the last day when we were around in Los Angeles – and end at the airport. It was a man, quietly and without charisma. And then he drove with his large bus on a stretch where the bus was not allowed to run p.g.a. size. He was stop by the police and received displayed a fine for the offense (?). Unfortunately, he lamented not the situation – neither facing courier or passengers. The example included to show a crucial difference. AND to tell what a great employee Bonnie Akers is!
We hope that you will leave our positive feedback proceed to Bonnie!
Boholte Tour (Boholte Rejser) has a “home page”:
and a speciel “home page” for a short time:
THANKS for USA-Vest 2016 – especial to YOU and more…. to BONNIE AKERS!!!

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