Improving Your Small Business

Improving Your Small Business, charter bus phoenix

We’ve probably all known someone who launched a small business, something that began as a simple side gig to pay for college (and ramen and rent!) ’till school was done and they could start creating the big bucks. . What started out as a one man band in a small shop turned out being the eating joint where folks were always lined up down the street, no matter the time of day, and the business became part of the local buzz everyone was discussing. One small shop turned into two. The second location was bigger than the. And then there was a third, and a fourth. And, as they say, the rest became history.

Before you go out on a limb and start a business, you’ve got to know your niche. You don’t want to duplicate what’s already out there, because you want your consumers to see your product as something that’s new, fresh and different.

Attend small business expos and events that pertain to your area of business. These affairs are an excellent way to keep up to speed on what’s new in your industry, make relationships with others in your field and get ideas, all of which can be instrumental for future partnership and contribute to getting your name and product around.

Focus on having a quality product. Hitting the ground running is a great game plan, but trying to enthusiastically market several different products at once, especially when you aren’t well-known, is a recipe for disaster. Focus on a simple, quality product– something that will advertise itself by its versatility, timeless style, or everyday need.

Make customer support a main concern. Maya Angelou said: “I’ve discovered that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel.” It’s pretty true. You might offer a good product, but if people have a negative experience when they interact with you, they’re going to remember it, and likely won’t like to rub shoulders with you again. The flip side is also true. If you are impressive to work with and you have a quality product, you’ll obtain loyal customers, and they’ll bring you other customers, too. And, here’s the other thing: gone are the days where it might take a while for word to get around over bad service, dishonesty, or unfriendly business negotiations. Nope … the Internet and social media have altered all of that. If something goes bad, it may be on social media five minutes eventually.

Which brings us to the next point. You have to get on the virtual bandwagon. To forget to have a presence with social media is losing out on an opportunity that could bring you more business. It occurs at all times: someone shares something that they love or have discovered, and after that, others check it out and end up loving the product, too, even when they weren’t originally looking for it. These media interfaces (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are so easy to use. No prior experience is necessary. All you need is a passion for what you do, a phone that takes pics that you can upload, and you’re on your way. (Certainly, you can prefer to hire someone to do your social media, someone who has a good camera or a writer that can sell your product better than you can, but those things aren’t obligatory.).

Initially, it can feel a bit complicated, like a tiny snowball as compared to a mountain of snow. But. Put that little ball moving, and watch as it gains speed, traction, and size. If you have an amazing product and are devoted to the work it takes to get out there and end up being known, your business may end up being the next small business that goes significant.

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