Enjoying the Accomplishments of a Youth Sports Team

Accomplishments of a Youth Sports Team, bus charter phoenix

When your kids have joined a full season of playing sports with a team, it’s always kind of nostalgic as the year ends. Whether you were the coach of the team, or one of the parents that was part of organizing team support and functions throughout the year, you certainly like to formulate something special for these kids to pay tribute to the memories they’ve made through the year.

While this is certainly not a comprehensive list, we brainstormed to think of some ways you could celebrate a season of games well played, lessons learned, and friendships that were formed. Preferably this outline can help you plan something special for your kids, or spark a thought of another thing you might try as an alternative.

Make a t-shirt (or pajama pants, blankets, or hats) for each team member and all the coaches. You could put a photo of the team on the shirt, along with the team motto, slogan, or theme for the year. If it’s for a school team, you can incorporate the school colors in the shirt, too.

Make a commemorative video. If you’re putting something together to feature memorable moments of the season, ask parents to send in what they’ve captured. Once you have everything you need, you can put those clips together and choose some songs that will solidify the message you hope to convey through the experiences you’ve shared together.

Have an end-of-year dinner. It’s always enjoyable to have the team members get dressed up, have a nice meal, and delight in a program together. They can take turns sharing their favorite moments, as well as speaking about what they’ve learned or appreciated from their coaches and teammates. Also, if you made a commemorative video, this would be a great time to show it!

Arrange a field trip or group activity. Maybe everyone on the team would love to go to a local water park or big theme park. From roller coaster riding to going down steep, tall water slides, screaming and laughing in joy together will even more cement the bonds of friendship made through the year, and will generate memories they’ll never forget for years to come.

Establish a group Facebook page. This is a great way for everyone to keep in touch, especially if the team is a group of seniors who are graduating and will be heading out in different directions in the world. Belonging to an online community will keep everyone together, no matter how far apart they live. Plus, if anything big happens that will be of significance to the group, this is an easy way to interact quickly and efficiently to keep everyone in realize.

Take a team picture. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Years later, when they can’t keep in mind specifics of a conversation or the details of every game, they’ll remember friendships, loyalty, dedication and hard work as they look at photos of their team.

Create a scrapbook. You might think that you couldn’t take that off, that you’re not artsy or crafty. You don’t need to be! These days, you can make books online with programs that have easy-to-use interfaces for even the most novices of users. You can upload photos, insert text, and play and rearrange with the layout until it looks exactly how you want it.

Finally, if there’s money for it, it might be fun to coordinate an end-of-year trip. While this can be tricky because it will necessarily mean that you’re going to have to coordinate chaperones, transportation, food, and lodging, to name a few things, it will also be an experience that no one will ever forget. And, if you go this direction, reserve a motorcoach! We do team travel and vacations for significant groups like nobody else. This is what we specialize in, and we’d love to present you what awesome rates and professional service looks like.

There’s one thing inherent in everyone to want to choose a way to celebrate and reflect on experiences that have been essential in our lives, and it’s enjoyable to watch our kids develop and grow through the ventures that they are involved in. As the year ends and you want to celebrate the team, we hope these ideas will be helpful to you.

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