55 Lessons from a Life of Travel

Travel, is it just about checking places off your list and taking your I was here photo, or is it about something more?

For me, for the past 15 years, travel has been a story of personal enrichment.

It’s how I’ve learned about the world: it’s natural wonders, diverse cultures, history, and traditions. But, more importantly it is how I’ve learned to discover who I really am and how I…

Serving our Heroes

Today in Phoenix our driver Terry has the honor of serving the Marine Corp National Silent Drill Team. Retired Sgt. 1st Class Terry Sparbel is a Vietnam Vet and recipient of a Pur…

Tour West America has a new GM

Congratulations Graham, the new General Manager of Tour West America’s Motorcoach Division!
Graham began his 39 year motorcoach career in 1976 in his native New Zealand. He immigrated to the US in 1983 and continued his career as a coach driver, touring this great country he latter made his own. After choosing Phoenix as his home in 1993, Graham brought his talents to Tour West America as a…

Turning Training into Safety

Like many industries, the motorcoach industry requires a great deal of training, from drivers who train to receive their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), to mechanics who receive training on how to service specific vehicle types and everything in between. Also, like most industries one of the biggest challenges is how to put that training to work.

Earlier this year, David Dunn, Tour West…

Motorcoach Marketing Council

Let me tell you a bit about the Motorcoach Marketing Council. According to their website:

“The Motorcoach Marketing Council is an operator-driven coalition of motorcoach operators, coach vendors, state/regional/national associations, suppliers, vendors and travel / tourism partners all working together to improve our industry’s image. The Motorcoach Marketing Council Board of Directors…

The Founder’s Stories: Part One

A Founder’s Story: The Horse Head
Bj Brooks, Co-Founder of Tour West America, is a native Arizonan. A true animal lover, she spent her time mucking stalls to have the opportunity to spend time with the horses and ride.
When the opportunity came, she purchased her first horse, Bobby, at the pleading requests of her daughter, Stephanie.

“The horse logo has as much to do with my love of…

The Founder’s Stories: Part Two

Peter Shelbo, Co-Founder of Tour West America, grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, the home of Binney & Smith. Benny & Smith later became Crayola. (I think you know where this is headed.)

“Crayon’s are the coolest things. Every kid grows up with a crayon in their hand. We know the colors, we know the smell, and we all get excited when we walk into a restaurant with our child and they…

30 Unexpected costs thаt brides оftеn forget tо budget fоr.

Thе bіg “B” word… yep, budget. Wе аll wish thаt budget wasn’t a factor оn уоur special dау, but fоr аll оf uѕ whо live іn thе rеаl world, іt juѕt іѕ. Aѕ thе premier provider оf Arizona wedding transportation services, wе hаvе seen a lot оf weddings аnd hаvе wоrkеd wіth mаnу оf Phoenix’s premier venues, planners, аnd caterers. Thеѕе 30 hidden…

Planning the perfect Arizona wedding?

Every bride looks to make her Big Day unforgettable! Here at Tour West America we have the same wish! Wedding transportation is sometimes overlooked in planning but can make such a difference for you and your guests! Here are a few additional tips that will make your wedding day a success! When hiring an Arizona party bus, give us a call and let us show you how we can help make your wedding…

Visiting Phoenix?

Do your upcoming travel plans include Phoenix? Our beautiful desert city offers something for everyone! Our friends at Visit Phoenix have created a quick video to show you around!

With tons of entertainment options, restaurants, nightlife, theater, historical sites and desert beauty in every direction, visiting with your group is just a phone call away! Let us show you around Arizona and…

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