Motor Coach Seat Belts

Motor Coach Seat Belts, arizona bus tours

On November 20, 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) directed that, since November 2016, all new coaches would be obligated to have three-point seatbelts installed on their rigs. Although this hasn’t historically been required, a number of companies have installed them as a provided benefit for their passengers. The new law makes it so that motorcoach seat belts w…

Instagram. A hotel booking system?

hotel booking system, charter bus phoenix

Go online and search “Book A Hotel Room”and it’s most likely you will find results from around the web, however one result you probably can’t see is Instagram. That may be improving as some hotel brands are now taking the social platform as a place to start the reservation method and drive more direct bookings.

Conrad Hotels and Resorts, whose parent company is Hilton Worldwide, is now…

Arizona family reunion themes.

family reunion themes, phoenix party bus

To help you choose the most ideal family reunion theme for your upcoming event, we have compiled a few of our favorite family reunion themes to let you decide. We have also provided helpful descriptions, suggestions, and additional ideas to help you execute these themes. We hope you enjoy them!

Family Reunion Themes List
1. Outdoor Sports Themes
2. Family History Themes
3. Food and Cultur…

Avoid Food Poisoning in Your Travels

Avoid Food Poisoning, charter bus phoenix

Food Borne Illness and the Culinary Traveler

It can start with a sudden onset of indelicate symptoms, or with an “off” feeling in the stomach, a bad sense of uh-oh, here we go again.

Food poisoning. It’s the scourge of foodie travelers, who make a practice out of seeking some of the most unique local cuisine, and who would find well-known food safety guidelines– avoiding fresh fruits and…

Taking on a new Church Group … The items you need to get going.

new Church Group, charter bus phoenix

Taking on an organized group or starting a new one can be terribly intimidating. Here are some great tips for new group leaders that will let move your group rapidly to becoming a powerful tool for the better fit.

Start your group well
Your first meeting as a group should be paid attention to developing relationships. In part, the achievement of your group will depend upon the relationships…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly About Charter Bus Service Dangers

Charter Bus Service Dangers, bus charter phoenix

We love being able to get what we want without having to spend a lot of money for it. When it comes to selecting a charter bus for a tour group, family reunion, or school function, you don’t want to cut corners on price, and here’s why.

You may be able to look for a great rate with a charter organization or individual who manages a bus, but just because you get a great price doesn’t really…

How to Concert Tour Show Guide – Best Experience Tips

Concert Tour Show Guide, arizona bus tours

You heard that one of your all-time favorite bands is coming in concert soon and you want to be sure to go and have an amazing experience? Here are some factors to consider when you’re arranging all the details.


In today times, there are a lot of options readily available to you when purchasing concert tickets. Most common would be ordering on the web, which is advantageous for two…

20 Perfect Holiday Party Planning Guideline for Arizona businesses.

Holiday Party Planning, phoenix party bus

It seems that annually the holiday parties start off earlier and earlier. This suggests that the arranging has to initiate even earlier! Arizona businesses are regularly watching our dimes, but that doesn’t suggest that we can’t hold a holiday party for employees and still keep within the budget!

No matter what your party finances, it will provide you well to show your recognition for your…

Relax… you’re in good hands!

One of the most frequently asked questions from first time bookers is “Are motorcoaches safe?” We love this question because we can answer very emphatically… YES!

Each year in the United States, over 7 million people choose to use charter busses in good measure because they are extremely safe. In fact, when you choose to ride on a motorcoach, you are 1097 times safer then riding in your…

Essential Tips for Group Travel

Group tours come in all shapes and sizes — geared towards students, luxury travelers, adventurous spirits, those over the age of 65, the list goes on. Usually led by one or more directors, tours are a great way to experience a new destination. Along with the guide (an invaluable resource — even for the most experienced travelers), group travel usually includes other perks like completely…

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