Social Host Alcohol Liability

Social Host Alcohol Liability, phoenix party bus


Are you holding a party, but worried about the possibility of excess drinking and obligations for the resulting damage and injury? Right here’s a peek at your potential liability and what you can do to prevent it.

When You’re Responsible
Unless you sell liquor for a living, you’re unlikely to be in charge of any damag…

The New Face of Hotel WiFi

Hotel WiFi, bus charter phoenix

From airplanes to motorcoaches, hotels to airport terminals, our life has come to rely on this important asset when we travel. Where to eat or get coffee, what airline to fly, what motorcoach company to choose, and what hotels to stay in can all be swayed based on Wi-Fi.

When it wants to, nothing is worse then traveling to a hotel that promises included Wi-Fi only to be disappointed that it…

Effective ways to get ready for a summer music festival

get ready for a summer music festival, phoenix party bus

If a music festival is on your bucket list this year, you may be in the throes of planning and trying to coordinate all the details to make it the best you’ve attended. The following are a few suggestions to help you while you’re trying to pin down a plan:

When trying to determine which festival you ‘d like to attend, consider a few different factors: budget, genre, and what the accommodation…

Own, rent, borrow, or charter. What you ought to learn about your church’s liability.

From retreats and youth trips to a speedy run to the bank, many of the everyday activities performed at your religious organization involve some form of automobile transportation. Oftentimes, the vehicles used are not owned by the churchgoers but by its volunteers and employees.

Karen Metz, casualty claims manager for Church Mutual Insurance Company, emphasized the benefit of good vehic…

Luxury Travel Trends

Luxury Travel Trends, arizona bus tours

Even in the Motorcoach Industry the style for travelers to slide towards more luxurious solutions has not gone unnoticed. From different and more luxurious destinations, to requesting more coach amenities, even the restaurants that groups are frequenting is changing.

From design to service to technology, luxury travel is improving with a new generation of international travelers who ar…

12 Church Car Park Dilemmas

Church Car Park Dilemmas, charter bus phoenix

We know the topic of church garage is not attention grabbing. Yet we constantly see too many churches miss a possibilities to reduce the hardship of their parking problems. Here are some parking lot issues others have shared with us, specified in no particular order.

1. The parking lot passageway is not easily evident. Sometimes the location of the church building itself is not the best. At…

Offering Alcohol at your next company event? Here are 15 tips that Arizona companies need to know.

next company event, bus charter phoenix

Do you provide alcohol, beer, wine, or spirits, for employees to drink at work-related events? If so, you’ve probably spent time considering whether this is a good practice. You want your employees to enjoy their work-related events and parties, but also want to keep your employees safe. You need to cut down the legal liability of your organization, yet not let legal worries direct your…

Purchase the signature cocktail at your next hotel stay.

Purchase the signature cocktail, bus charter phoenix

The hospitality world is full of “signature”products, from spa treatments to golf courses to pillows. Each sets up credibility and visibility to a hotel and resort. But the most popular– and most visible– might be signature cocktails. A signature cocktail (or cocktails) supports reinforce a property and establish’s identity and can create considerable revenue for a restaurants and bars.


Planning a youth camp?

youth camp, charter bus phoenix

Form a youth camp planning committee
• Who must be involved in the planning for the youth camp? (i.e. parents, youth workers, youth, pastoral staff, others).
• What are the functions in the planning and preparation for the youth camp and who will in charge of each role?

Figure out your Goals for the Youth Camp.
• What is the reason for the youth camp?
• Who is the target group?

The future of employee shuttles is alive and well in the Bay Area.

employee shuttles is alive, charter bus phoenix

For Google, Apple, and Yahoo, these campuses can be 30 miles or more from the “downtown” area. The inception of this campus concept was designed for employee convenience so that they could avoid downtown completely. Ironically however, many of the Silicon Valley’s workers prefer to reside in the one place the campus designers never thought they would … downtown San Francisco.

Recent news has…

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