The Most Popular Trends In Boomer Travel

Popular Trends In Boomer Travel, arizona bus tours

Have you hit retirement status and now have time to go on some of those trips you’ve always planned to take? Many individuals, once they’ve arrived at the “senior bracket,” want to get away and experience the world, create memories, and just take some time to rest. If you’re seeking to schedule an upcoming trip, listed here are several forms of options that may spark your interest and help you…



Once the snow starts to fly, there’s nothing like the pull of the mountains. If you’re planning an upcoming trip over a few days, we’d love to help you get all your ducks in a row making it a great time. Being able to hit the slopes a few days in a row can make a big change in overall performance and improvement. Even if you’re choosing speed with skiing or snowboarding, or prefer to enjoy t…

Motorcoaches Are For All Things School!

Motorcoaches Are For All Things School, charter bus phoenix

Certainly, when we expect school transportation, we normally expect immediately of big yellow buses. A couple of us grew up riding on them to elementary school, and if we ignored out on that experience, we actually rode them on class expedition. You might recall the high-backed seats (their greenish color), the way the bus smelled, or riding with friends on the way to a play or the zoo or any…

All Inclusive Reunions

All Inclusive Reunions, arizona bus tours

For many Arizona families, the idea of planning a family reunion fills them with dread, even more so then having to spend a weekend with weird Uncle Bill. The all-inclusive reunion is a great way to get together and take the burden off the family.

The All-Inclusive Reunion

Best for: People who are sensitive to talking or planning about money.

Pros: No one person gets stuck bearing t…

Spotlight: Copper Canyon

Carved from the legendary Sierra Madre mountain range in the state of Chihuahua, a colossal network of six interweaving canyons make up what is known as the Copper Canyons, or Barrancas del Cobre in Spanish. Some of these canyons run deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon by a margin of over 1,000 feet. While the Copper Canyon seems to lack the status of the Grand Canyon, this Mexican treasur…

8 Tips for Summer Food Festival Success

Summer Food Festival Success, party bus phoenix

If you’re a foodie, you probably love hitting up a good food festival when it comes to town. With so many options in front of you, the hard part is really just deciding what to try, because there’s only so much you can put down before you go too far and feel sick.

1. Figure out all you can before you get there. If details are available, it will be helpful to know what kinds of food will b…

Activities to give back to your church’s seniors

Activities for church's seniors, Bus Rental Houston, Texas

For the debt of gratefulness owed to senior adults, a lot of churches allotted a day annually to honor and respect seniors. Some churches dedicate a special day, while other churches plan a Senior Adult Week.

Senior Adult Day is a day to appreciate senior adults for their many contributions, including:

• For their many years of service to the Lord through His church
• For their…

29 Good Plans for Women Ministry Leaders

Women Ministry Leaders, charter bus phoenix

All Christian ladies need a fun night out or a daytime get-together with some other Christian ladies just to have a great relaxing time of fellowship. Here are some pointers to utilize with your local church ladies group.

1. Awareness Meeting
A. Highlight giving support to organizations that advocate fighting against one of the many cancers (or several).
B. Walk together for numerous good…

10 Ideas for Great Concert Photos

Great Concert Photos, arizona bus tours

Are you going to see the band you’ve loved since eighth grade this weekend? Was your buddy planning to come along, but had a family emergency go down? Even if you’ve promised to document the experience for him, or you’re simply among those folks that prefers to take quality pictures when you attend something cool, this article gives a few pointers to help you get those action photos of the band…

The initial step in planning an Arizona family reunion

Arizona family reunion, charter bus phoenix

This is the primary of our 6 part series that will provide you some great concepts for preparing your next family reunion. Start with these 4 simple tips and watch for the other 5 tips to assist you selects what kind of reunion you really wish to plan.

Getting Started

If you can’t provide every branch of the family tree, one of the first things you want to do is to choose how far up t…

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