Childhood Heroes

Childhood Heroes, phoenix party bus

What is it about childhood sports idols? While it may not be as major a thing as it once was, there was a time when card compilations cost a lot, and boys and girls spent a lot of money and time organizing them and showing them to friends. But even though that tradition may not be as popular as it once was, sports legends these days are still watched closely and admired, leaving people amazed…

Some of Our Ideal Getaway

Our Ideal Getaway, charter bus phoenix

As a motorcoach company, we deal with people in all different industries. Often we’re providing the wheels for a bigwig business event and other times we are managing the transportation for a sizable family during their family reunion, and we take same pleasure in both. It’s enjoyable dealing with a variety of people in a bunch of different situations. When folks are on tours, sightseeing or…

Memories from the Super Bowl

Memories from the Super Bowl, charter bus phoenix

When it comes to American pastimes, football is right up there. We consume the game pretty seriously, and there’s nothing that asserts this truth quite like the Super Bowl. Each year, people all across the country watch the NFL playoffs, distressed to see which two teams will turn out to be facing each other for the championship Super Bowl game.

The game is featured on primetime television,…

Seeing the Details Makes a Difference for Your Tour Group

Make a Difference for Your Tour Group, phoenix party bus

Your business revolves around keeping people happy when you work in the tourism industry. As a tour operator, you are prioritized the experience that your clients have, wanting to provide them with something they’ll never forget when they travel with you, and this plays out in every area of your business. As Charles Swindoll said, “The variation between something good and something great is…

Bring These Extra Four

Bring These Extra Four, bus charter phoenix

You get up on a cold, wintry morning, but it’s that kind of morning that feels filled with extra excitement. Powdery snow has fallen for the last week, and accumulations are crazy at the resorts. The temps are moderate this morning, however, and the piece of sky that you can see from your bed is lucid and beckoning. When you go to the bathroom to splash your face, the whole sky greets you as…

The Best Ways to Decide What to Do on Your Trip

What to Do on Your Trip, bus charter phoenix

You’re finally going to take the vacation you’ve dreamed of taking for years. You’ve bought the tickets for your flight, reserved hotel rooms and rental cars, cleared your schedule at home so you can leave everything behind and truly plug into some meditation. But, now comes the next part: opting what to do while you’re there.

There are likely specific things you’re going to see if you’v…

Offer a Shuttle to Your Staff Members

Offer a Shuttle to Your Staff Members, arizona bus tours

Employers provide many perks for their employees: some keep the break room stocked with snacks (and maybe one of those fancy Coca-Cola freestyle machines where you can mix 100 different soda combinations), others bring lunch in on a regular basis, and some offer casual dress Fridays. Some render employees spending money to use for food, and others make a big deal about birthdays and…

Excellent Wedding Transportation is What We Do!

Excellent Wedding Transportation, party bus phoenix

The whole movie is this hilarious, sentimental tug-of-war between moving on and not wanting life to change. It also does a really good job of capturing one thing: wanting your wedding day to be just perfect, down to every detail and piece.

When you’re pondering on your upcoming wedding, what comes to mind? What information have you imagined for years that you want to be completely…

Making Life Easier

Making Life Easier, bus charter phoenix

Education for children today is an unlike what it was in yesteryears. The times of one-room schoolhouses, coal stoves, individual chalk slates, and one teacher for all grades mixed is a distant memory. The world is a different place than what it was, and education today has conveniences that children of earlier eras didn’t experience. Consider the following examples:

The ease of boxed pencils…

Figure out for Yourself

Figure out for Yourself, party bus phoenix

In You’ve Got Mail, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan come together in a funny romantic comedy where they’ve spent months corresponding by email. They are best friends over the Internet, and both of them look forward to every letter. But. They don’t know that the person they adore in the virtual world is actually their enemy in the real one. Eventually, however, just as in Sleepless in Seattle, they end u…

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