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June 2017

Tour West America Give Veterans a Special Perch for Parade

Red, white and blue balloons lined the ceiling of a Tour West America charter bus as those aboard sat waiting to take part in the annual Veterans Day parade Friday morning in Phoenix.

“The Veterans Day parade, I think, means something to any veteran,” said Terry Sparbel, an Army veteran and current Tour West driver who was behind the wheel. “It brings back a lot of sorrow, a lot of…

5 Travel Ideas

5 Travel Ideas, arizona bus tours

If you’ve got a vacation around the corner, chances great you’re discussing places you want to see, food you want to eat, and what hotel you wish to stay in. It’s really easy to shop around for accommodations because of today’s technology. Making use of apps and maps, you can see what is around the hotel you’re considering booking a reservation with, how close it is to the airport, or even get a…

Omitting That Nasty Air

Omitting That Nasty Air, charter bus phoenix

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it once again: Motorcoaches are pretty much bomb dot com when it comes to being a green transportation leader. For starters, our coaches can have 57 passengers on board. Break for a moment and imagine if each of those 57 passengers were riding their own individual car. Off the bat, what are the ramifications of that?

* 57 added cars, which creates …

Setting Up Food Stuff for the Bunch

Setting Up Food Stuff for the Bunch, phoenix party bus

It’s one thing to coordinate schedules with everyone who is coming, book hotels and make a plan for what you’ll do for the week, but then you’ve got to figure out the food, too. For one thing, you’ve got to menu plan, make grocery checklists, figure out how many chillers you’re going to need, and then there’s the whole business of packing it all, too. Because, let’s face it: when you’re feeding…

Get Your Family Together to Social Event!

Get Your Family Together to Social Event, party bus phoenix

It’s not surprising to get together with family when it’s time to enjoy, but we probably tend to do this most often for birthdays. There are all kinds of reasons you can get together throughout the year, and we ‘d love to be there to transport the whole gang to whatever fun awaits. Aside from birthdays, here are some other occasions that are fun for your family to celebrate:


When You Ride Coach, It’s Much Safer!

When You Ride Coach, It's Much Safer, bus charter phoenix

Not exactly sure what it is, but we humans frequently have a slant toward distrust. Maybe it’s because we have easily access to information like never before, and we input and analyze data in extraordinary ways and have all type of research at our fingertips. When someone creates a claim, we can be slow to accept whatever they are saying as solid truth. Why? Because anybody can say anything,…

Establishing Church Youth Activities

Establishing Church Youth Activities, charter bus phoenix

It’s critical to have activities for them to interact with other kids and keep them involved and integrated with the congregation. These activities are important because teenagers love to be with friends and socialize, and they like to have stuff going on and things to be involved in.

If you help oversee the young people in your congregation and you’re trying to come up with good activities…

Improving Your Small Business

Improving Your Small Business, charter bus phoenix

We’ve probably all known someone who launched a small business, something that began as a simple side gig to pay for college (and ramen and rent!) ’till school was done and they could start creating the big bucks. . What started out as a one man band in a small shop turned out being the eating joint where folks were always lined up down the street, no matter the time of day, and the business…

Work Out Serves to Help Your Brain

Work Out Serves to Help Your Brain, charter bus phoenix

There are lots of different reasons why we get our kids involved in youth sports. Maybe we are trying to encourage them to get involved with a good group of friends so we can steer them away from other influences we hope they’ll avoid. Here’s the thing: there are some other compelling reasons for why exercise is a good choice for our lives.

Sure, there are certainly physical benefits to…

Eat Real Food!

Eat Real Food, arizona bus tours

What is one dangerous ingredient that has infiltrated almost all of our packaged foods? Our foods have many additives, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is particularly prevalent.

In a castigation he gave titled” Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” he breaks down the several chemical reactions in the body to emphasize how different sugars are processed. We have a prevalent of obesity, heart disease,…

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