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Bananas and Chairlifts!

Bananas and Chairlifts, bus charter phoenix

Do you recall the first time you were learning how to negotiate slopes in the snow? Whether you were harnessed to a board or your feet were in rigid plastic boots connected to skis, you might remember what it was like to be moved down the hill, trying to stay upright and get to the bottom with some grace left intact.

Or maybe you had grace out the window altogether. First, you may have been…

White House Fine Points

White House, charter bus phoenix

In D.C., 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the residence of The White House, the brainchild of George Washington. When the concept of a house for the president was initially conceived, however, our country was just in its infancy. Everything about the procedure of building a nation was new, involving developing a design for the home that would be the residence and working space of the president of…

Some Primary Wine Essentials

Primary Wine Essentials, party bus phoenix

Maybe you didn’t raised in a household with parents that drank. Maybe you decided to avoid alcohol for religious or health reasons. You may have avoided crazy parties in high school, or chose to be the responsible one so you could be the designated driver for your friends. For whatever reason, if any of these details sound like you, you probably don’t know much about wine (unless you’ve been…

Appreciating Some Shakespeare

Appreciating Some Shakespeare, bus charter phoenix

During retirement life, lots of seniors are capable to do things they couldn’t do as often as they might have liked during the busy years of focusing and raising families on their careers. For some, this may show time to travel and see distant sites they’ve always longed for visiting, or they might use most (all!) of their frequent flyer miles to go and spend time with grandkids in distant…

Learn at the Library!

Learn at the Library, arizona bus tours

Having this knowledge enables us to understand other cultures, time periods, and traditions, and it helps us add to that data bank by continuing to explore all disciplines to expand on what we already know. Collecting information and materials, organizing all of it, and then making it available for the benefit of everyone is one of the essential roles of libraries.

You’ll be fascinated by…

5 Reasons Why A Coach Is Safe

Why A Coach Is Safe, bus charter phoenix

We typically hear that motorcoaches are much safer than travelling in a regular passenger vehicle, but why?

There’s no doubt that size definitely works in your favor in the safety department. If you’re in a Honda Accord, a coach would be a pretty formidable something to meet on the road. Honestly, if we were choosing to be in one of those vehicles when they collided, we ‘d choose the coach,…

Many people Knows Martha!

Martha Stewart, party bus phoenix

If you’re like most of us, you most likely head to Pinterest and browse through pin after pin to get ideas. Way before social media or Google, there was Martha Stewart, a woman known for her expertise in all things homemaking, decorating, and fooding. Everyone knows Martha.

Martha is one of six children born to Eddie and Martha Kostyra. She mastered her way around the kitchen and what to…

Open House Organizing

Open House Organizing, phoenix party bus

There are many factors you’ve got to consider if you’re coordinating the efforts of a large upcoming open house. Just handling that lots of people in a space is a big feat, not to mention all the features you have to consider in the background so that things will appear to run without problems on the surface (so much work happens behind the scenes to make it look easy!).

This is shameless,…

Hotels Are Great for Family Reunions

Hotels Are Great for Family Reunions, party bus phoenix

What are your special family trip moments? For many, it may be going out in the early morning, skiing and boarding in those first few hours of light with your dad and uncle when the lake was glass. For others, it may be card playing, smoking meat, theme park, canyoneering, or going to see a play on Broadway. Whatever your certain memories are, coming together is a fun time to have and reconnect…

Fitness and Green Transportation

Fitness and Green Transportation, bus charter phoenix

It has become an usual thing to witness people wearing Fitbits. Although they appear in different colors and models, it’s pretty normal to hear people talking about the number of steps they’ve walked, or for someone to mention that they’re wanting to take the stairs or go for a late walk to try to meet their aim for the day. Familiar, right?

If you’re curious how many calories you burned…

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