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Ideas for a Wonderful Group Veteran Field Trip

Group Veteran Field Trip, bus charter phoenix

It’s a funny thing: when you’re younger, it seems like time can’t go rapidly enough. You’re anxious to be old enough to drive, date, start your first job, marry, have children, and pursue your life dream in college. When you’re a small person, each week, day, and month can seem to tick slowly by, and all of those life events seem like they’re never going to arrive. Time seems like cold molasses.

Senior Travel ABCs

Senior Travel ABCs, charter bus phoenix

Senior years take many things, but eventually they present some time to travel, and we’ve compiled a list of travel ABCs for your perusing pleasure! Whether some (or all) of these put on you, we hope we can be the wheels behind your next adventure!

Advil, anniversary, and attractions. Bring along the Advil for those muscle aches after long days of exploring new places. Take that…

Green is Our Aim

Green is Our Aim, bus charter phoenix

Definitely, many of us can connect the dots and find the evident reason why motorcoaches are a green transportation choice: with a maximum capacity of over 50 occupants, that can hold to 50something fewer cars on the road. And, clearly, that implies fewer pollutants being released into the air that we’re breathing each day, and minimal carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere.

So yeah, that’s…

Have That Cellular Phone in Your Pocket!

Mobile phone have transformed the world and the communications we have in it. And while it’s correct that this could be said about many other things at the same time, cell phones are a thing that many of us use all day, every day. They’ve had an effect on both the methods of communication (texting, for example, instead of calling), and the assumptions as well (why haven’t they texted back…

For the Love of Chocolate

For the Love of Chocolate, charter bus phoenix

In the world of eating, we could talk a lot about home cooking: mashed potatoes and gravy with slow-cooked, fall-apart meat, fresh baked bread, hot with melted butter, getting vegetables from planting to table, fresh fruit from orchard stands in the fall, and genuine dishes and spice combinations from cultures all over the world. There’s no doubt about it: food is something that’s essential,…

Handel’s Messiah

Music groups travel widely and it’s often fairly inexpensive to see artists that you love perform. And, it goes without saying that, in the realm of music, there are so many styles and tastes, and you may or may not know groups that someone else loves.

There are some pieces of music, though, that everyone finds out. Their popularity has remained consistent, and everyone distinguishes them…

Hotels and Technology

Hotels and Technology, bus charter phoenix

Evidences of the many ways that modern technology is changing our lives and our world are all around us. From pretty much any lens you look through, technology has impacted that particular slice of existence. Take hotel and lodging.

From’s app to Hotel Tonight, and Hotel Finder to’s application, you can search for rooms, find amazing deals and discounted rates, and you…

5 Routines to Practice At Work

Routines to Practice At Work, bus charter phoenix

Although that we can possibly all connect to the convictions in Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere,” the reality is that all of us allot a lot of time at work. Whether it’s working the day or night shift, full or part-time, work is a necessity because it’s how we pay our bills and take care of our families.

There can be all kinds of drama at work, and if one thing’s for sure, you…

Enjoying the Accomplishments of a Youth Sports Team

Accomplishments of a Youth Sports Team, bus charter phoenix

When your kids have joined a full season of playing sports with a team, it’s always kind of nostalgic as the year ends. Whether you were the coach of the team, or one of the parents that was part of organizing team support and functions throughout the year, you certainly like to formulate something special for these kids to pay tribute to the memories they’ve made through the year.


Making a Wine Barrel

Making a Wine Barrel, arizona bus tours

When we need a bottle of fine wine, most of us know where to go. We most likely have a certain “go to” for dinner parties, the bottle that always gets rave reviews from guests. But, before it was ever bottled, it’s likely that the wine you love allotted some aging time in an oak barrel.

Finding out about the barrel making process is quite exciting. Coopering is a skill that’s acquired over…

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