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November 2016

Condense and Go Green!

Condense and Go Green, charter bus phoenix

Have you ever been at a flower shop, trying to decide what flowers you want to buy? There are white petunias in one flat, purple in another, a striped variety over here, and a deep pink color over there, and you want them all. You grab one flat container and fill it with all the various six packs combined; it’s a lot easier than carrying four or five different flats, each with only a couple of…

3 Reasons You Can Depend on Us!

Reasons You Can Depend on Us, bus charter phoenix

At any moment you jump in a vehicle that another person is driving, it puts you in a vulnerable position. And even if you are responsible for the wheel, you can’t account for all the other folks on the road that may not be specifically safe. That notwithstanding, this fact still remains: when you drive with someone else, your safety is in their hands.

As a motorcoach company, we take into…

Cooking with Julia

Cooking with Julia, phoenix party bus

“We should take pleasure in food and have fun. It is among the simplest and nicest joys in life.” That was said by Julia Child, the woman who became known for her fondness of good food, cooking, and who wasn’t afraid to be generous with butter. The millennial generation’s exposure to Julia Child may have resulted from watching Meryl Streep’s portrayal of her in the 2009 film Julie & Julia(…

Spotlight: Sedona

Sedona is known for its beauty and serene setting amidst the beautiful Red Rocks. The town is famous for its vibrant arts community with nearly 100 art galleries and events including the Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona Arts Festival and the Sedona Jazz Festival. It offers excellent outdoor adventures, including mountain biking, hiking and off-roading. Sedona is surprisingly sprawling,…

Gratifying Your Nerves

Gratifying Your Nerves, party bus phoenix

Everyone have had period of times where we’ve felt really stressed about an upcoming event. We might be bothered that we’re going to screw up in our final musical recital that we should pass before graduation, or wonder if our body will interact personally in an upcoming sporting event. We might fret about if we’ll keep in mind everything we’ve practiced, if we’ll look professional enough or…

Cathedral Building in the Middle Ages

Cathedral Building, arizona bus tours

America is known for being a melting pot of cultures, religions, philosophies, languages and peoples. Today, over four centuries later, many religions are practiced in America, and various structures have been built as houses of faith and worship.

Several of these buildings recall earlier religious architectural styles, and this is certainly true regarding Gothic cathedrals. Anyone who has had…

Mobile Phone and Business

Mobile Phone and Business, bus charter phoenix

Let’s face it: cell phones have improved the way we work, and the following are just a handful of the means this is happening.

Who uses a phone book anymore? Everything is digital, and that means you likely use your phone to access telephone numbers for all business contacts.

How about checking out travel itineraries? It’s super practical to be able to examine the status of your flight,…

Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

What a privilege we had to transport Veterans in the 2016 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Our very own Terry Sparbel and other team members who served helped to drive the coaches for this great parade.

To learn more about the annual Phoenix Veterans Parade, watch the video below.

We are very grateful to all of those who serve to protect our freedoms. To learn more about chartering a…

Ride with the Best!

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