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How to Pack for your Multi-Day Motorcoach Tour

We often read on post-trip evaluations, comments such as “I wish I had brought a jacket. It was cooler than I anticipated”, or “My feet were killing me! I wore the wrong shoes”.

For starters, you can never go wrong with comfortable walking shoes and a jacket. What else should you pack?

Consider the destination and probable weather conditions. Our best advice is to dress in layers…

Anniversaries Are Affairs to Celebrate!

Anniversaries to Celebrate, party bus phoenix

When you look at the pictures, a lot has happened: there you are in robes at your college graduation together, and there’s the first home you bought (the red brick house with lilac bushes out front). There are pictures of the day your oldest daughter was born and she’s in your arms wearing a little pink hat, and pictures with folks that became your friends for life during that time you moved…

Motorcoaches Can Fulfill All Your Congregational Requirements

Motorcoaches for Congregational Requirements, charter bus phoenix

When you reflect on your church journey as a child, what do you think of? Were you that young girl that hoped for turning 12, because that was associated with leaving the group of younger children on Sundays and moving on to partner with the girls ages 12-18 for the trip of your adolescent years? This was most likely thrilling for lots of reasons: you felt like you weren’t a child anymore, you…

A Few Details about the Online World

Details about the Online World, arizona bus tours

Almost from the point in time that most of us get out of bed in the morning, we access an Internet connection. Frankly, for a lot of us, that’s possibly even true before we climb out of bed. We reach groggily to our bed stands, grab the phone, get on Facebook and Instagram, or pull up The New York Times for a little perusing as we give ourselves a few minutes to rise and shine.

And t…

5 Gorgeous Places Americans Can Visit Without a Passport

Americans have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to travel, with only just over a third of citizens holding a US passport. The good news is that this number is steadily increasing.

If you’ve exhausted your travel options within the United States but haven’t yet applied for your passport, there are still some options for you.

Here are five places that don’t require you to have a US…

5 Main Reasons We Love Youth Sports

Reasons We Love Youth Sports, arizona bus tours

For most of us, playing sports started at a young age. Mom and Dad enlisted us in little league, and aunts and uncles watched and came as we waddled around the field. We thought we huge stuff, and the adults chuckled to themselves because no one of us had a clue what we were conducting. Hey, we looked cute in our little jerseys, anyway. Slowly, with time, we came to love the evenings spent at t…

How to Keep Your Wine Chilled

Keep Your Wine Chilled, bus charter phoenix

For most drinks, temperature and position during storage don’t modify the flavor or integrity of the drink. (Okay, wait. Temp does matter for milk.) But critically, for the most part, it does not matter … whether cold or hot, your soda won’t spoil, and water might taste better refrigerated, but it doesn’t hurt it any to be warm. The same can’t be said for wine. (Move over and make room for…

Planning Your Reception One to Remember!

Planning Your Wedding Reception, party bus phoenix

When people gather for a wedding, the whole point is to congratulate two individuals that have found happiness together and wish them well. Maybe you’re the bride at the drawing board, planning all the details, and you’d like to make it something that your guests will never forget.

When it comes to setting out a wonderful party, the sky’s the limit regarding the fun things you could do, and…

Travel Is Easy These Days

Travel Is Easy, charter bus phoenix

Learning about history is an exciting thing and 2016 marks 100 years since the organization of the National Park Service. In Ken Burns’ documentary series The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, Burns tells the story responsible for the development of these national treasures. Stephen Mather (first director of the National Park Service) wanted to attract numerous people to the parks, as…

Youth Sports are Effective for Children

Youth Sports for Children, charter bus phoenix

From films like “Remember the Titans” that illustrate the power of coming together over steep odds and the power of friendship to beat racial barriers to a film like “Riding Giants” that leaves the viewer in awe of pushing the envelope in big-wave surfing, there’s just something about sports that is thrilling and motivating. Whether you’ve been a team player, supported one, or worked hard to…

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