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Good wine does not need to be worth $40

Good wine cost, phoenix party bus

When it refers to food and wine travel nothing outplays looking into the local area with friends or family. Sitting at a wine barrel table tasting a flight of local artisan wines, tasting regional preparations of optimum foods grown right here locally is always what we planning on when we think of a food and wine adventure. The reality is however that we spend more time shopping for wine at a…

Senior Travel Issues– Gone, Not Forgotten: A Caregiver’s Checklist

Senior Travel Issues, charter bus phoenix

Taking care of an elderly family spouse, friend, or member is a lovely thing, but it also can be stressful and often you need a break. Just the thought of taking a break can bring stress and worry because you want your loved one (who we’ll refer to as Dad) to be well cared for when you aren’t there. You know precisely how things are done, you’re familiar with the routine, and you know the specia…

10 Pointers to Preparing Your Group Snowboard Ski Trip

Group Snowboard Ski Trip, bus charter phoenix

If you are the lucky person picked to plan the company ski trip, or are making reservations for the family reunion at a resort this year, it might initially feel a little overwhelming. You want to be sure that you don’t forget anything when you’re responsible for coordinating all the details and pulling off a smooth trip for that many people. Listed here are some quick suggestions of things to…

Summer Season Goodies!

Summer Season Goodies, phoenix party bus

Now that the warm summer months are here, many people are typically out vacationing, spending time with friends and family, absorbing some rays at the pool, or taking advantage of the summer sport options available where they live (rock climbing, anyone?). And, it goes without saying, but whenever there are folks united to play in the sun, people usually get hungry and want something to snack on.

Giving Service Blesses Each One Included

Giving Service Blesses, arizona bus tours

There are so many different faith groups, and different needs depending on each congregation. Some of these groups are large with millions of members, and some are quiet denominations with only a handful of folks that are involved.

Among the ways this occurs is through serving, as that naturally seems to set up bridges between us and others. Church groups have long been known for being…

Riding Along on Silicon Valley’s Exclusive Shuttles

Exclusive Shuttles, bus charter phoenix

It’s 7:55 a.m., and I can’t locate the Facebook bus. On the corner of Cole and Haight, where it’s supposed to be picking me up, all I see is a Google bus.

In that moment, before my morning coffee, it feels as if some kind of urban planning dam has been breached– the San Francisco version of the Lewis Black bit about seeing a Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks and realizing…

Picking the Right Travel Baseball Team Incorporates Many Factors

Right Travel Baseball Team, charter bus phoenix

If you have a child playing baseball these days you no question know about the explosive growth of so-called “independent” or “AAU” travel teams and leagues. Travel ball can be a gratifying experience for your child and for the entire family, but picking the right travel baseball team requires many factors.


Look at the travel team’s mission. I definitely support independent baseba…

The Big Chill

The Big Chill, charter bus phoenix

Now, suddenly, with retirement looming, you’re anticipating time on your hands that you haven’t ever had. There’s likely a list of things that you’re hoping to do and experience, but you also may be wondering how you’ll fill your time.

Have you dreamed of taking your sweetheart to the Pacific islands or to check out ancient ruins in South America or bike across the countryside in Europe? Most…

Preparing Your Great Wines to Taste High-quality

Preparing Your Great Wines, phoenix party bus

Often times even the best traveled wine enthusiasts are forced to drink wine outside the perfect conditions of a vineyard wine tasting … No, it happens! Sometimes even those who bought the wine at the vineyard wonder why the wine does not have the same emotional and spiritual impact that the same bottle did when sitting overlooking the vines that produced the grapes used to make it.


10 Suggestions from Brides for Brides

Suggestions from Brides for Brides, party bus phoenix


Don’t Fret Over Fine Details
“Little details are totally unnecessary after the fact,” says Charlotte Milling from Olympia, Washington. When I decided I wanted to go…

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