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December 2013

An Exciting Weekend Tour To Butterfly Farm

Have you seen lately a beautiful and colorful butterfly flapping its wing on your apartment and your kids wonder where it came from? Perhaps you don’t and your kids have never seen the real one. How about taking them to a butterfly farm and have them witnessed the real one this coming weekend? Call the Tour West America and arranged with them a weekend trip to a butterfly farm with their Mesa bus…

Go With Tour West America’s Child Friendly Tour At Sonoran Desert

If you will be given a day to go for a vacation in the State of Arizona, where would be that place? That would probably give you a hard time to answer. If you will be given a list of places to go to in Arizona, that list could be much longer. And the good thing about is that you can just travel by land to get where your heart would want to. The place has lots to offer depending on your interests.

Tour West America, Always Your Right Choice

If adventure and fun bundled with comfort and utmost safety that would what you’re looking for? Then Tour West America is just right for your perfect tour provider. They have a variety of packages that you can choose from, wider options for you, your friends and family. Tour West America started just in rentals of motor coaches up until they were able to expand to new horizon of travelling.

Great Tips for Renting Arizona Party Bus for Bachelorette Party

If you are planning a night out, be sure that it is not only fun but safe as well. The last thing you don’t want to happen is for someone to get injured or in jail! Striking the pubs, get the clubs, discover good entertainments after which possess a heady time consuming till dawn. This is the usual way many people have their bachelor’s parties and we think you have something similar to that…

Great Tips for Planning a Trip with Charter Bus Arizona

If you want to have a successful bus trip, it is important for you to carefully plan and manage the journey so that it goes in a smooth manner. This will help every member in the coach to enjoy the trip.

If you are planning to organize such a trip using charter bus Arizona, then you are required to take care of some points before you proceed with your plans of organizing. Thus you ar…

An Introduction to Temsa

Tour West America is proud to announce the addition of two Temsa TS 35’s to our fleet. These 40 passenger coaches are perfect for smaller groups, their shorter length allows for better maneuverability and comfort, and they’re built to allow you to enjoy your adventures safely and comfortably. Here is a brief introduction to what our Temsas have to offer you:

Safety: CH Bus Sales states, “T…

A Friendship That Started From A Charter Bus Ride

Most American people won’t be comfortable leaving their car behind, but to drive them whenever they wanted to go. As the price of fuel is keep on increasing and the difficulty of finding a safe and nearest parking space nears the destination point, driving your own car becomes unpractical. Your best alternative is to take the Arizona bus tours or Arizona charter bus services from one of the most…

Finding the Best Yuma Charter Bus with Affordable Rates

Hiring a vehicle, whether in the form of car or buses has become a vital need of the human race. The service comes of great help in simple transportation requirements from the airport and train stations to even a group outing and wedding ceremony. And to receive utmost satisfaction in any travelling requirement by you or your dear ones, it is very necessary to take the help of only the leading…

Safer Options When Hiring Phoenix Bus Charter

Irrespective of the destination you would want to travel, a Phoenix bus charter can be a safer option comparatively to other means of transportation. This is because it gives a secured feeling to your group travel. When you tend to prefer other means of transportation like train or standard buses that transfers the group, you will not be sure of whom is where; moreover, there are loads of chances…

Charter Bus To Watch Live Games Of Your Favorite NBA Team

If you are a fanatic fan of NBA Phoenix Sun who wanted watch live some of the team’s out of town games, then you can at the lowest cost. Join the group tour with Tour West America and see live your favorite team and your favorite NBA players. The company offers bus charter in Phoenix for group tours or any transportation solution for group travels including attendance to any sporting events in…

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